Following the Footsteps

18 Apr

Following the footsteps of the district governor is more time consuming than I thought. I apologize to all of you that wanted to follow throughout the year because I neglected this blog. So much has happened this year! I’ve visited a ton of clubs with my husband DG Ron Fruit of District 1-D. I also worked very hard on the district newsletter, which I am proud to say many people loved reading it.

 I would have liked to do the same for this blog, but going to the club visits and writing articles and creating the newsletters each month took up most of my time. Plus, everyone needs time for a little R&R when they can.

 During March and April, we also had conventions to go to as well as our own. Ron and I primarily worked on our district convention without appointing others to help us, so this also took much of our time throughout the year.

One thing I must tell you is that if you weren’t at District 1-D’s Convention April 15-16, 2011 in Galena, IL, you missed one hell of a good time (sorry for the language).  I couldn’t believe all the complements we received throughout the convention. First off, the Galena Lions Club threw us a great welcoming reception for our visiting International guest with smooth beer from the Galena Brewery, marvelous wine from Galena Cellars, and excellent food from the Log Cabin Restaurant. Thank you Galena!!! 

On Saturday, the food from Cindy’s Classic Catering was plentiful and delicious, our speakers were wonderful, and our International guests, PID Ross Thorfinnson, Jr and his wife Lynda, were very down to earth, great people to talk to, and his speech was like riding the emotional rollercoaster with funny jokes, serious content, and tear jerking moments.  It was great. I think it made a lot of Lions realize that it is really important to know and understand what it means to be a Lion and what moment in your life made you a Lion, not just a participant.

Another thing that really surprised me, which was a highlight for me anyway, was the fact that I was awarded the International President’s Letter of Commendation from LCIF for the hard work I have done for the district newsletter and for all my hard work with helping DG Ron have a successful year. Well, that wasn’t what surprised me the most though or what brought me to tears, it was the fact that I received a standing ovation from everyone. They all loved the work I have done with the district newsletter that much. See…I wasn’t just bragging. I do have proof. You can read them yourself if you want to, District 1-D Newsletters .

I had one of the longest standing members tell me during the convention that my newsletter was the best he has ever read. Then he stressed to me again the word “ever.” That praise meant a lot to me.

Well, I am continuing as Newsletter Editor for District 1-D for 2011-2012, 2012-2013, & …..  I guess until I decide to stop since the DGE and the VDG’s all asked me already to continue during their year too.  You haven’t heard the last of me. I’ll just have to change the subtitle though as I continue. I’m hoping instead of changing it from “Following the Footsteps of the MD 1-D’s District Governor” to “Past District Governor,” I can use the subtitle “Following the Footsteps of the MD 1-D’s Council Chair.”

Yep, my husband is running for Illinois Council Chair.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Best Wishes to All!

Nicole Fruit

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