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Kirkland’s 4th of July

As soon as we returned home on Saturday from Australia, we turned around and went to the Kirkland, IL’s 4th of July celebration on Sunday. We arrived in Kirkland early that morning so that Ron could help direct people for the parade and so I could start creating last-minute signs for the float we were going to be on for the parade. Since Ron is a third generation district governor, we had his grandfather and father join us on the float. Everything went quite well.

Unfortunately, Ron’s mother could not be with us because of hip surgery, but we did have a sign announcing that Ron’s parents, Wayne and Jan Fruit, won the Fred Manni award. The award is given to those who have done a great service for the Kirkland community.

After the parade, we went for a Reign bow pork chop dinner. Denny Reign makes the best pork chops ever known to mankind! I’m serious. You have to try them some time in your life. It really should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Our day continued to be busy as we went to Rockford to visit Ron’s mother in the hospital. Then we stopped by my parents’ house in Belvidere to say hello and rest.

My sisters and mother then joined us as we returned to the Kirkland festivities. Ron went to help in the Lion Club’s food stand, while I led my family around the park. We hit the flea market first. Then got some dinner and watched the band in the beer tent. Then we played some bingo. I felt guilty for not helping this year, but I enjoyed the various activities.

Finally, my mother, sisters, and I joined an old high school friend and her family to wade through the huge crowd assembled on the football field to watch the fireworks. The show was marvelous, as always. The Kirkland Lions Club put on an excellent fireworks display that seemed endless. Everyone had a great time. You really should join us next year for the 4th of July.

Lion Nicole Fruit


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