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Shabbona Handicap Fishing Derby

On July 15, 2010, Ron and I went on our first service project as District Governor and partner in service. We both took that hot 92°  sunny Thursday off of work to help pass out popcorn with the Kirkland Lions Club to handicap children and their aids at the Shabbona, IL Handicap Fishing Derby. Well, Ron mostly past out popcorn while I tended to eat it. I was amazed that twenty-two volunteers from Kirkland alone came to the derby to help out. While Kirkland passed out popcorn, other clubs from district 1-D, 1-J, and 1-K did other great things for the participants.

Most of the time, Ron and I walked around talking with people from all over. Watching the kids play baggo, or take rides out in the lake to fish, or have their face painted, or try painting their own faces on their own. There was even a petting zoo for everyone to enjoy. There were even tractor trailer rides to help people get around.

The day went along famously, but because of the heat and lack of state funding, there were not as many children this year as in most years. Another major disappointment for me was the fact that my battery in my camera died at the beginning of the day. I took a total of three pictures and then it was dead. It didn’t even say it was low before hand. When I went to take pictures of the children enjoying themselves, the camera would no longer work. I love taking pictures and there were some great shots I missed.

By 1:30 pm, we started packing up and the children were headed back home by getting on the buses. Because there was to be a Lions Club dinner in the park at 6pm that same day in Shabbona, we decided not to go home to only have to come back later. We all went for ice cream at the restaurant there at the park connected to the bait shop. Afterwards, the secretary of the Kirkland Club invited us all back to the camp grounds where he had his camper parked for a weekend vacation. About ten of us joined him for some cold drinks and polite company….okay, there were two females versus eight men so they behaved as much as possible. Actually, they behaved very well because we also had two teenagers with us. Of course, we had a blast! While we waited for dinner, I got to know the members a lot more and I even learned how to play spoons. Of course, I was the worst at playing it, because when it came down to me being quicker than Ron to get the spoon between the two of us, I was in trouble. Ron still has his football quick reflexes that freak me out sometimes.

By the time 6pm rolled around, I was burnt. We went to dinner and had some great pork chops. We even met up with another couple on our council, Bob and Darlene Jackson. We ate together and reminisced about Australia. The day was so much fun that I plan to keep going to the Fishing Derby whenever I can.

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